5 Things You Need for a Killer Road Trip

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I am a strong believer in a good road trip.  Being stuck in a car with people for a long period of time can reveal some stuff. Also, some of the best ways to build lifelong friendships are by trusting someone to get you somewhere in one piece and by handing the all powerful aux cord to another.  Trapped company also comes in handy when you want to A) rant about your “waterproof” mascara that is already melting off your lashes or B) sing a song that was definitely not meant for your vocal cords.  Now road trips can be some of the best memory makers, but in order to make the memories a little sweeter, don’t forget these 5 fundamentals.

↑Above is a little film from my last adventure with some cool people↑


AUX Cord 

A good road trip is nothing without a killer playlist and few things dampen the mood like a silent car ride with only the hum of the road playing on loop.  Now, some accessories to go along with your AUX cord would be a playlist everyone enjoys, or a person ready to take on the prestigious task of designated DJ.  Also, If you click that Spotify link in the top corner of my blog, you can see what I’ve been jamming to (heads up, lots of people think my taste in music is weird).

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Take pictures of everything!  Sometimes it’s the smallest details of the trip that are the most fun. For example, raiding the gas station snack section or even getting a flat on the side of the road.  I find that it is always the unplanned that make the most lasting memories. Having a camera handy at all times helps get those photos and videos you’ll be looking back at for years + road trips are quality instagram material.

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Snack delegation is the “key to success” when it comes to road trips.  Make sure all your travel buddies pitch in so you’ll definitely have something everyone likes and lots of it.  Bring way more snacks than you think you’ll need, because on road trips there are no rules… or serving sizes.

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The music can only blast for so long, and when those jams die down, having a book or magazine can be very handy.  Something light is always a good option and books with lots of pictures are not discouraged.  (Side note, I am currently reading “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp and have found it to be super informative and inspiring. 10/10 recommend.)

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Good Company

Several hours in a small space with lots of people can either be crazy fun or seriously miserable.  The underlying factor on deciding what experience you’ll have is based almost completely on whether you actually like the people you’re with.  Make sure you’re with people who make you feel comfortable and who genuinely care about you.  Even if the whole trip is a bust, the wonderful people you’re surrounded with can make even the worst situations truly memorable.

With these 5 things, you’ll be unstoppable.  Happy travels, friends!


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  1. This blog is the cutest! Can’t believe this is your first post and your design is so well done already. I love your style of film making and photography by the way! I’m interested in both fields too. Keep up the good work!

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