The Little Adventures

The Little Adventures

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I believe anything can be an adventure.  You don’t need a plane ticket or lots of friends wearing flower crowns to have one.  An adventure begins the moment you decide to let your wandering become your destination.  This is a vague concept, but it isn’t any less true.  There is no set list of things you need in order for an adventure to occur because often, it isn’t the destination that makes the adventure, but all the crazy and special moments you have on the way.

Life often gets in the way of this idealistic idea of spontaneous experiences taking shape without any planning.  In order to keep my life adventurous, I deliberately cut time out for moments like this.  A travel companion (while not necessary) always adds a great deal of fun to any trip.  Typically, my travel companion is my sister, Sophia.  She is not usually one for crazy hikes and late nights, but I think that is why we balance each other out so nicely.

Most recently, my sister and I did something we had been talking about doing for months.  We snuck out… on a school night. Granted, we had told the parents several months ago that this was going to happen at some point. The only way they would know we had actually done it is by the macaroon we would bring back for them and leave in the kitchen.  This was meant to be the last hoorah of my senior year.  It was a representation of a crazy night, but not actually that crazy.  We waited till the lights were out all through the house and we made our getaway.  We climbed through the window because, while completely unnecessary, it represented such a classic movie moment.  We couldn’t skip it.  We drove to Uptown while jamming to the soundtrack from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and ended up at our favorite french place.

We spent hours sipping coffee, eating macaroons, and chatting.  These little adventures with my sister are the things I’m going to miss the most when I leave for college.  After a few coffees and several seconds of quality snapchats, we departed for home at about 3am.

That whole adventure cost about $15 and it will be something I remember for a lifetime.

(shout out to my sister for letting me kidnap her on the daily, I’m gonna miss you lots)

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