The Sprinkle Wedding

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May 19th was a beautiful day.  For me, it began at 2 am when I woke up to catch an early morning flight from NYC to Charlotte to shoot a wedding.  This was my first time shooting a wedding (and I didn’t know what I was doing *shhhhh*).  I recruited my 16 year old sister […]

The May 6th Moment

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Let’s talk about May 6th.  Do you ever have those days that are, simply put, a whirlwind?  Those days where everything is moving so fast, you can’t help yourself but to get swept away with it all.  May 6th was that day. The madness led to one of the greatest moments of peace I have […]

A Weekend in Washington

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  A month ago, I packed up a small suitcase and took a train from Penn Station, NYC to Union Station in Washington D.C.  An organization called Teens Dream sent me to attend a ceremony honoring the winners of their annual short film contest and I was beyond excited to hit the streets of the capitol. […]

nyc skyline

She’s Been Where?

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Hello, This is a letter to my beautiful readers, written to let you know what’s been going on lately and why I literally fell off the face of the earth.  About a month ago, I packed my entire life into a few suitcases and moved to New York City.  This transition has been quite an adventure […]


Ten Days in Alaska

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I made a little film.  This one is for the wanderlust.  Those who want to explore the world even if they’re still tucked into their bed sheets.  I made this film to encapsulate my experiences in Alaska and hopefully bring the magnitude of beauty I saw there, straight to you. I along with 35 wonderful people left […]

A Weekend in Jericho

A Weekend in Jericho

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I am close to three weeks into my travels around the Middle East.  In that time, I’ve been able to experience the culture in both Israel and Palestine and have met some really incredible people along the way.  This post is dedicated to two crazy days spent in Jericho and the once in a lifetime experiences that […]


It’s Okay To Be Passionate

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I’m a week into my travels and I have had a strange, but potentially life changing revelation.  Now in all honesty, this could simply be because of my jet lag induced sleeping habits and complete lack of coffee shop bliss.  But, being on the other side of the planet has created this feeling of exclusion […]

Flowers in her Hair

Flowers in Her Hair

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Hello Lovelies.  This is a little look book my sister and I threw together to celebrate these warm months.  Always wear what makes you happy and if that means throwing some flowers in your hair and slipping into a tutu the size of Texas… go for it.  Outfit Details: Top- American Apparel Tulle Skirt- thrifted […]

a Night to Remember

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Here’s to a night I’ll never forget.  Senior prom swept in and was truly magical.  I’ve reached this wonderful point in my high school career where I don’t care what anyone thinks.  This mentality definitely comes in handy the second I hit the dance floor.  Fortunately, I’ve got friends like Lauren who basically tear it up.  […]

The Little Adventures

The Little Adventures

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I believe anything can be an adventure.  You don’t need a plane ticket or lots of friends wearing flower crowns to have one.  An adventure begins the moment you decide to let your wandering become your destination.  This is a vague concept, but it isn’t any less true.  There is no set list of things […]